Travel Photography Guide

Travel Photography Guide

November 29, 2021

They say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer — and we’d have to agree. Travel exposes you to new things, can make you happier and can also boost your creativity. You’re exposed to new sights and surroundings. Every moment is a photo opportunity, but knowing when to stop and take out your camera can be tricky. You obviously want to document as much as possible but it’s also important to be in the moment. We’ve compiled some of our best tips for ensuring your travel photos turn out well. 

Early Bird Gets the Worm

We’ve all heard this common phrase and it happens to be true for travel photography, too. Lighting is absolutely crucial for great photography and morning light is magical. It’s soft and warm and makes anything or anyone look amazing. Waking up early also means you’ll beat the crowds. Ever wonder how influencers get perfect photos on the Brooklyn Bridge or in front of Chichen Itza? They wake up early.

Pack a Tripod

A tripod can come in handy for a variety of reasons. You’ll be able to take time setting up the perfect shot, while your camera is fixed. Also, if you’re travelling with friends or family, you’ll want to get some group shots. Self-timer is the greatest invention ever, no? 

Rule of Thirds

This is a classic photography rule, but for a good reason. Following the rule of thirds will help you create a more balanced photo. To follow this rule, imagine breaking down your image into thirds horizontally and vertically so it’s split into different sections.

Have fun!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shots, poses and lighting. The photos may pleasantly surprise you!

Backup Your Images

When travelling, you’ll be taking lots of photos. To ensure you don’t run out of storage, it’s a good idea to bring a hard drive to backup your photos. There’s nothing worse than setting up the perfect shot and then realizing you have no storage left.

Do Your Research

Wondering where the best photo spots are at your destination? Check social media! Using the location tool on Instagram, you’ll be able to see photos that other people have taken and draw inspiration from them.

After you’ve returned from your vacation, you’ll probably spend some time looking back on all your photos — reliving the fond memories. What better way to memorialize your incredible vacation than by creating a photobook that will capture all the special moments that took place. Our designers create beautiful, hardcover photobooks that use premium quality paper and the latest printing techniques. Your photos will look stunning as you flip through your carefully-crafted memento. To create your book, we’ll have you send us photos from your trip. We will meticulously look through each photo and select the best ones.

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