How Pricing Works At Luminta

Ready to create your photobook? Learn more about pricing for Luminta's Photobooks

At Luminta, we take pride in providing you with the best possible pricing for your fully bespoke photobook. As your photobook is as unique as your memories, our team is with you every step of the way to ensure that your photobook is designed to perfection with whatever customizations and additions you request. Nothing is too big or small!  

As every project as unique, please note there are a few MAJOR factors in what allows our designers to provide you with the lowest estimate and final cost:

  • Review of Number of Photos You Submit (included in your base price): The lower the volume of photos and the more culled your photos are, the easier it is for our experts to review and design your book
  • Keeper Rate (included in your base price): The number of photos kept or culled down from the number photos you've submitted. (For example you submitted 100 photos, but we kept 60 photos, your keeper rate is 60% )
  • Time required to sort your photos: If your photos are already sorted and have digital descriptions (what we refer to as metadata!), this is included in your base price. However, any pictures with no digital descriptions (metadata) and require manual sorting is billed at $110/hr
  • Additional Designer Time Required (billed at $110/hr) for tasks such as:
    • Sorting photos that do not have metadata
    • Additional Photos added after the design process has already begun
    • Additional review time due to additional photos or customizations
  • Design Customizations (billed at $110/hr) such as:
    • Adding Captions
    • Adding any other design elements you request!
  • Additional Copies: Should you choose to add more than one copy of your book, our team will bill you each copy

The chart below explains what is included in pricing and how you can get the best price for your photobook. These are a few pricing samples based on the above factors for books priced from the lowest range to the highest range:

Services Lowest Price Low Mid Price Higher Mid Price Higher price

# Photos Submitted





Keeper Rate





Additional Photo Sorting Time

1.15hr of design time added
due to no meta data

Additional Photos added
after design process
has begun

1 hr of design time added

Additional Copies

1 additional Copy
1 additional Copy

Additional Design Customizations

45 mins of design time added
45 mins of design time added

Additional Review Time

15 min of design time added

*Estimated Final Price:





*please note pricing above are just estimates and subject to change based on services requested and design of the book

Case Studies

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