Preserve your memories forever with Luminta! Our photo management certified experts scan and convert your photos and videos so you can look back on and share them with your loved ones.

Photo scanning and video conversion is the perfect way to protect your memories from age, weather, and all other kinds of damage. In addition to protecting your memories, digitizing your collection is an easy and accessible way to be able to share your photos and videos with loved ones!

What is photo scanning and video conversion?

As technology for personal videos and photos evolves, and old technology becomes outdated, you need to ensure that you are able to make your memories from old technology accessible on your new devices. Our team are experts at digitizing physical photographs, slides and negatives, as well as videos such as VHS, CD, 8mm, etc.


Why should you organize your digital photos?

Digitizing your photos and videos is a great way to preserve and protect them, make them easily accessible and shareable, and give yourself peace of mind knowing your memories will be safe forever.

Step 1: Drop off your collection

Or, for an extra charge, we are happy to come pick up your collection from anywhere in the Northeast!

Step 2: Get a quote from us

As every project is unique, upon reviewing your photo collection, our photo management experts will issue you a quote that is specific to your project.

Step 3: We will do the rest!

Our certified photo managers will carefully handle your memories to scan and organize them chronologically for you to look back on for years to come.

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Why Luminta?

At Luminta we believe t​​here's something so special about looking back at our favorite memories and being able to share them with friends and family. The team at Luminta are experts in photo management, photography, and design and are passionate about making your memories accessible and presentable.


Luminta is proudly female founded by Anne Downey and Denette Guerin.

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