Other Design Services

At Luminta, we are excited to offer an extesive suite of design services to provide you with additional ways to reminisce your memories. No matter the memory, we can help you capture it beautifully in your project.

Photo Slideshows

Your memories meant to be reminisced. Relive old memories with a slide show of images that are collected, restored, and beautifully designed. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorettes, weddings, family reunions and more!

Photo Walls & Collages

Ready to decorate your walls? Our team can help you with your decoration project by helping crop, colour correct or restore your beloved pictures to perfection. Take your walls from bare to beautiful with our expert designer's help.

Custom Cards

Want to enhance your gift with an extra throughtful touch? Luminta can help you design personalized / custom cards for birthdays, invites and more that are perfectly printed on high quality stock for your loved ones to cherish

Custom Merchandise

Bring an extra touch of fun and personalization to your gifts or parties with merchandise! Whether it's shirts, mugs or anything else, Luminta can help you ensure that your keepsakes are perfectly designed.

Gift the gift of memories. Purchase a Luminta gift card for your loved one, so they can create a photobook of their favourite memories!

Who Is Luminta?

At Luminta we believe t​​here's something so special about looking back at our favorite memories and being able to share them with friends and family. The team at Luminta are experts in photo management, photography, and design who are passionate about making your memories accessible and presentable.

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