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A Note From Our Founder

Everyone loves photobooks. There's something so special about looking back at our favorite memories and being able to share them with friends and family. As my family has grown up, I’ve wanted to freeze time and cherish every moment. My photobooks mean the world to me because they help me do that.

It became clear to me that while people love photobooks, they also don’t have the time, or desire to make them. Can you identify? And even if you had the time to create a photobook yourself, the results usually aren’t great – layouts don’t look right, the story isn’t clear, photo quality is poor, and then you’re left with a book that’s “just ok”, with fewer dollars in your bank account and fewer hours in your day.

I set out to solve that with Luminta. We have talented designers who create your photobook for you. All you need to do is send us your photos, and we do all the work. Imagine this – you just had an amazing vacation with your family, and you’re at the airport waiting to board your flight home. You simply upload all your photos to Luminta. By the time you've caught up on laundry that following week, you receive a gorgeous photobook of your trip. It can be that easy.

We sort through all your photos, cull out the blurry shots and photos of the floor, correct colors, crop, and choose layouts that highlight your best photos. The most important aspect of our work is storytelling. We look at the overall story your photos tell and group them by sub-story so flipping through the pages of your book is like reliving your memories all over again.

We’re excited to make your photobook so you'll always remember your most precious memories – and have the time to make more!

Anne Downey

Founder of Luminta

Our Team


Anne is proud to be a female founder in the tech space and even prouder to design a business that combines her passion for technology and creativity to create jobs for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. She has a background in the photobook space, having led content at a premier photobook company, Picaboo. She’s an avid photographer who cherishes time with family and friends and wants to help people preserve and share their precious memories.


Ellen is a NY-based museum and interpretive designer with over 30 years experience working with museums and cultural institutions both nationally and internationally. Always interested in how people make memories, she is excited about combining her expertise as a storyteller, researcher, art historian and designer with the creation of photobooks!