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Luminta’s experts photo managers are passionate about helping clients organize their photo collections and capture their valuable memories. We can help organizing, scanning, converting your media so your memories last a lifetime.

Why Organize Your Photos?

Memories are worth reliving and remembering. Keeping your photos organized can not only help your memories last a lifetime but instill and unlock emotions and moments with your loved ones all over again. Regain control over your photos with the support of Luminta’s expert photo managers.

The team at Luminta are proud certified photo managers.

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Our Photo Management Services

Scanning, Digitization & Organization

Our team are experts at digitizing physical photographs, slides and negatives, as well as videos such as VHS, CD, 8mm, etc. Digitizing your photos and videos is a great way to preserve and protect them, make them easily accessible and shareable, and give yourself peace of mind knowing your memories will be safe forever.

Physical Photo & Video Organization

We use a hands on approach and physically organize your collection of photos, videos, or any memorabilia chronologically. We offer the option to store your memories in archival boxes to ensure they are properly preserved for decades to come. Many often choose to have their collections digitized or transformed into photobooks!

Digital Photo Organization

We've partnered up with SurroundUs Services, a premier photo organization service. Like us, they are certified photo managers, so your digital library will be in safe and capable hands as they gather, consolidate, and safely transfer your data using their state of the art technology. Click below and check out their website for more details!

Why Luminta?


At Luminta we believe t​​here's something so special about looking back at our favorite memories and being able to share them with friends and family. The team at Luminta are experts in photo management, photography, and design who are passionate about making your memories accessible and presentable.

Luminta is proudly female founded by Anne Downey and Denette Geurin.

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