Photo Management Pricing

General Photo Management Pricing Information

Every project is unique, and until we begin working with your media, we cannot know the complexity of your particular project. We can make educated guesses, and we will do our best to give you an idea ahead of time as to what your project may cost.  Please use this pricing page as a guide only. We will discuss with you directly your the costs of your individual projects.


We price most projects on a combination of a per item -- for basic scanning/converting/and transfer as well as a per hour for any work that requires more time than expected.  

Per Item

Our per item scanning, conversion, and transfer prices as listed on this page assume that the media you bring us are “scan ready.” Media that are “scan-ready” can be digitized, converted, and/or transferred “as is” and do not require additional work before, after, or during the process.  

Per Hour

However, there are several situations where media are not “scan-ready,” and the process is more complex, requiring additional work from our team either before, during, and/or after the scanning process.   This document provides examples of most situations that any additional work. In some cases we can identify the extra time and add that charge to your final price. In other cases, the complexity of the project is such that it is more cost effective for us to charge you our hourly rate. Our hourly rate is $95.00.


Project Management Fee

A project management fee of $49.00 applies to all projects. This fee includes:

  • 20 minute FREE introductory consultation

  • Media intake and basic inventory

  • Digital & physical storage of your media for 120 days

  • Free Downloads for 120 days

rUSH Project Fee

If you are in a rush to have a project completed quickly, please let us know, and we will do our best to accomodate you. We charge an additional fee for all rush jobs. The fee depends on the number of days we have to complete your project, the size and complexity of your project, as well as our team's availability.  


We will discuss these with you if relevant to your project.

Scanning Options and Pricing


Why Scan Your Photos?

As technology for personal videos and photos evolves, and old technology becomes outdated, you need to ensure that you are able to make your memories from old technology accessible on your new devices. Our team members are experts at digitizing physical photographs, slides and negatives using our one of a kind process to meticulously transition your memories into a shareable version that will be protected for years to come!

"Scan Ready" Price

Prints (100-499)

fewer than 100?please ask

$0.79 ea

Prints (500+)

$0.59 ea

Prints Ranging in size from 8x10 - 11x17

$2.99 ea

Slides (100-499)

fewer than 100? please ask

$0.79 ea

Slides (500+)

$0.59 ea

Flatbed Scanner or Stereo/3D Slides

$1.59 ea

35mm Negatives (100-499)

fewer than 100? please ask

$0.79 ea

35mm Negatives (500+)

$0.59 ea

"Scan Ready" Price

Medium Format Negatives

$2.95 ea

Large Format Negatives

$3.95 ea

X-Large Format Negatives

$5.95 ea

Scrapbook Page Capture (12x12)

$5.95 ea

Prints Larger than 11x17

$24.95 ea

X-Large Prints (eg. 3ftx6ft)

$229.95 ea

Negative Wheels

$29.95 ea


$12.95 ea

Video & Film Conversion Options and Pricing

Why Convert Your Videos and Films?

Similar to the reasoning behind getting your older photos scanned, you need to ensure that you are able to make your film and videos from old technology accessible on your new devices. Our team members are experts at converting film and video formats VHS, CD, 8mm, etc to give you back your memories in a shareable and protected format. Rediscover lost footage and relive your history with Luminta!

"Scan Ready" Price


$24.95 ea


$12.95 ea


$29.95 ea


$29.95 ea


$29.95 ea


$49.95 ea

Type C Video Reel

$109.95 ea

"Scan Ready" Price

3" Film Reel (50 ft)

$22.95 ea

4" Film reel (100 ft)

$27.95 ea

5" Film Reel (200 ft)

$59.95 ea

6" Film Reel (300 ft)

$79.95 ea

7" Film Reel (400 ft)

$95.95 ea

Audio Conversion Options and Pricing

Why Convert Your Audio?

Just like film and video conversion, converting your old audio recordings or tapes can help you rediscover old memories and preserve those memories for decades to come. Our team is highly skilled in the conversion process to give you a version of your memories that is shareable and protected! Let Luminta help you to relive your history and get started on your conversion project today.

"Scan Ready" Price

Audio Cassette Transfer

$29.95 ea

3.25" Audio Reel to Reel

$39.95 ea

5.25" Audio Reel to Reel

$49.95 ea

7.25" Audio Reel to Reel

$59.95 ea

DAT Audio Tape

$29.95 ea

Vinyl Record Transfer 33/45/78 RPM

$39.95 ea

PCM Audio on VHS/Beta

$29.95 ea

Design Services and More!

Organizing, Slideshows, Photo Galleries, and More!

Check out our list of additional services and items! Our team is happy to take on any project you can think of, no matter how big or how small it is.

Schedule a consult today to talk to one of our experts and bring your dream project to life!  


Digital Photo & Media Organizing

Physical Photo & Media Organizing

Slideshow Creation

Home Movie Editing & Subtitling

Photo Wall Galleries

Digital Image Corrections & Restorations


Digital Storage Devices (Thumbdrives, DVDs, etc.)

Third Party Subscriptions (Smugmug, Forever, etc.)

Archival Boxes & Other Preservation Solutions

Digital Photo Frames (Set Up Included)

Looking for More?

Luminta's team of professional photo managers and designers can do almost anything with your photos, videos, etc. So, if there's something you're looking for that you don't see here, let us know! Contact us at or call 1-833-LUMINTA.