Physical Photo and Video Organization

Overwhelmed by your piles of physical photos collecting dust in storage? Regain control of your memories with Luminta’s offers careful physical photo and video organization service.

What is Physical Photo & Video Organization?

Many of us often have more photos than what we know to do with. The process of physical photo and video organization when taken on personally can be largely overwhelming, which is why you can leave it to an expert!

Luminta uses a hands-on approach and physically organizes your collection of photos, videos, or any memorabilia chronologically. We offer the option to store your memories in archival boxes to ensure they are properly preserved for decades to come. Many often choose to have their collections digitized or transformed into photobooks!

Why should you organize your physical photos and videos?

Your memories deserve to be cherished, re-lived and told into stories! The proper organization and safekeeping of photos and videos can ensure that no memory is lost and you are able to recall your memories and embrace nostalgia for a lifetime. With the organization of old memories out of the way, you are able to focus on creating new ones!

Why Luminta?

At Luminta we believe t​​here's something so special about looking back at our favorite memories and being able to share them with friends and family. The team at Luminta are experts in photo management, photography, and design who are passionate about making your memories accessible and presentable.

Luminta is proudly female founded by Anne Downey and Denette Geurin.

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