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Hanover, September 1, 2020


A New Kind of Photobook Company

Everyone loves photobooks.

But they aren’t making them. Why?

It’s too much work!

As children grow up and friends and family move away or pass on, photobooks provide us with a tangible way to hold on to our most precious memories. But despite advances in technology, making custom photobooks is notoriously time consuming and technically and artistically demanding. People have thousands of photos on their phones and computers, and while making photobooks is on their “to do” lists, they just can’t make it happen. If only there were a service where someone else could do the work for them…

Turns out, there is!

Local entrepreneurs Anne Downey and Denette Guerin saw this problem and have created Luminta, an innovative design tech startup founded in Hanover, New Hampshire where they make your photobooks for you.

"As my family has grown up, I’ve wanted to freeze time and cherish every moment. Photobooks help me do that. That’s true for a lot of people, but after working several years in the photobook industry, it became clear to me that while people love photobooks, they often lack the time, talent and/or desire to actually make them," says Anne Downey, Luminta Co-founder and CEO. "We set out to solve that problem with Luminta. All you need to do is send us your photos and we do all the work – no kidding!"

Luminta is truly unique in a market saturated with photobook companies. Why? The feisty, women-run company has a team of talented designers who, in combination with an innovative design technology, create each bespoke photobook by hand. Gone are the hours spent struggling with clunky do-it-yourself software. The people at Luminta literally do all the work for you.

“Even if you have the time to create a photobook yourself, the results usually aren’t great – layouts don’t look right, the story isn’t clear, photo quality is poor. You’re left with a book that’s ‘just ok,’ with fewer dollars in your bank account and fewer hours in your day,” observes Anne.

Imagine you just had an amazing vacation with your family and you’re at the airport waiting to board your flight home. To get started on a photobook, all you need to do is upload your photos to the Luminta website. In less than two weeks, you’ll receive a gorgeous online custom draft for your review.

"The most important aspect of our work is storytelling," says Denette Guerin, Luminta co-founder and Director of Design. "We look at the overall story that your photos tell and group them by sub-story, so flipping through the pages of your book is like living those moments all over again.”

With a Luminta photobook, designers sort through your photos, choose the best and most important ones, correct and crop them for optimal beauty, and then create layouts that really tell your story. Clients have a direct connection with the designer, so if there are any favorite photos that absolutely must make it in the book, or any other special requests, the design team can make it happen.

“While technology has come a long way, it can’t make human judgment calls–such as telling the difference between a genuine smile and one that looks strained, or recognizing that the flower girl isn’t more important than the bride and doesn’t require prominence on the page” says Anne. “Our designers sift through the pictures to showcase the best images. All people need to do is upload their photos, and a Luminta designer does all the work. It’s that easy.”


Photos can be accessed via the Luminta Media Dropbox here. For press queries, further images or interview requests, please contact:

Denette Guerin | | 1.833.LUMINTA