The Luminta Photobook Process


Luminta is a photobook service that does all the work for you. We curate and edit your photos to tell your story in a minimalist, modern design, all brought together with a human touch to give it that extra ounce of sparkle.

Step 1: Browse Our 2 Tiers

Start by checking out our 2 different tiers of photobooks to find the best for you & your project!

Step 2: Checkout & Upload Your Pictures

Easily upload your photos after checkout from your phone, tablet, or computer. Don’t worry about sorting or weeding out blurry shots – we'll take care of all of that!

Step 3: We Design Your Book

In this step our talented designers meticulously cull, crop, and color-correct your photos, and layout the storyline.

Step 4: You Provide Feedback

We’ll send a digital copy for your review & depending on which tier you select we offer revisions for you to provide us feedback to ensure your photobook is perfect! This is also where you can provide instructions to include text or captions.

Step 5: Print, Review & Ship

We update the photobook with your requested revisions & we create your book using the highest quality materials for it to last generations. Once back from the printer, we check the photobook for quality once it's received back from the printer.

Step 6: Relax & Enjoy!

Your photobook is elegantly packaged and sent right to you! Relax, and enjoy a beautiful book of your fondest memories!

Time To Let Us Create Your Photobook.

For those who are curious here is a little bit more about PhotAccompli!: PhotAccompli! is Luminta's secret sauce to our books! It is our original design process that helps us to organize your photos, cull through them, and design your books in just the way we know how. Our designers are all highly skilled in the process and we now use it for both our photobooks and all organization, digitizaion, and scanning projects as well!

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