Case Study: Michelle's Travel Photobook

Michelle wanted a beautiful photobook to reminisce her family's travels!  


When Michelle came to us, she wanted to create a photobook to capture her family's latest travels through Europe. With so many photos of their activities, cities they’ve travelled, and experiences, captured via her iPhone, she wanted a photobook that seamlessly shared and weaved their adventures.


Type of Service Details Cost

Initial Assessment

100 photos submitted

80% of photos submitted included in book

40 pages in book

Base Price: $454

Additional Copies

no additional copies


Additional Work

At a rate of $110/hr

Adding additional photos during design process - 1h

Extra revision required - 15m

Additional photos after initial assessment - 30m

Total added cost: $137.50

Total Book Cost: $592

Michelle's Process

QUOTE: Michelle fills out our quick questionnaire, so we receive a simple initial understanding of her project and receive a preliminary quote by one of expert our designers.

QUOTE REVIEW: One of our designers issues a quote for $454 to Michelle that she promptly accepts and we begin the process of reviewing her photo submissions. Michelle is then able to pay a $99 deposit that goes towards the cost of her book.

PHOTO SUBMISSIONS: Michelle shares her photos via a Google Drive so our team is able to review and begin the preliminary process of designing her photos.

PHOTO REVIEW: When sharing her photos, Michelle culled her photos down to 100 and left the choice to Luminta’s designers to further cull her choices while proposing we retain as much as possible. As a result we are able to keep 80% of Michelle’s best submitted upon review during our culling process.  

PHOTO OPTIMIZATION: As part of the design process, our expert optimizes all photos for print. This involves brightening, color correction, cropping, straightening and more. Because most of Michelle’s pictures were captured via iPhone and due to careful photo curation, our designers were able to complete this step quite efficiently.

FIRST DRAFT & REVIEW: Following optimization, our designer professionally laid out Michelle’s photos into a photobook that compliments her photobook story. Because Michelle had about 80 photos, the team was able to showcase larger and less photos per page. Upon completion, our designer then sent a virtual copy of the photobook for Michelle’s review/feedback/approval. Luminta makes any changes that Michelle requests within 2 free rounds of review and changes. This is also where she can provide instructions to include text.

FIRST DRAFT FEEDBACK & ADDITIONS: Upon review of Luminta’s first draft, Michelle decided she wanted to include more photos within her photobook. This is not a problem! With new requested photo additions, Luminta’s designers will need additional time tor reviewing, culling, and editing. The additional time of one hour is proposed to be added to Michelle’s final invoice and approved!

SECOND ROUND REVISION: Following the addition of new photos, Luminta’s designers are creating a brand new first draft for Michelle’s review. Michelle promptly provides constructive feedback for our designers to implement and we are close to the final product!

ADDITIONAL REVISION + SEND TO PRINT: After Michelle’s feedback is implemented, our designers provide an updated draft for a final review. Due to the addition of this feedback round, the extra revision time will be added to Michelle’s final invoice. With her final stamp of approval, the photobook is sent off to print!

PRINT REVIEW: Once the photobook has been printed, our experts check the photobook for quality once it's received back from the printer to ensure that it meets our premium standards.

PACKAGE & ENJOY!: Once approved, we elegantly package Michelle’s photobook and it's off to deliver to her via FedEX or USPS!

"Luminta has done a wonderful job weaving the story of our travels in a beautiful photobook. I'm so excited to reminisce on our family vacation for years to come "
- Michelle  

The Final Product

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