What is Photo Management?

With so many ways to take photos and technology behind photo taking constantly evolving. It’s become increasingly important to ensure our memories are preserved so we can treasure, reminisce and pass on our legacy to our family. At Luminta, we truly believe that photos are the heart of our personal stories. They are wonderful reminders of laughter, wonderful times, vacations, the growth of our family and traditions. They are an important reminder of our wonderful lives. However the new and diverse technological evolution while making it easier for us to capture memories also means we are susceptible to losing the very snapshots we try to preserve. Additionally, natural disasters or disorganization can also impact physical photos in an instance. As we grow to create new memories, it's just as important to ensure that we are safely preserving the ones that we have already create and this is something that can be done with photo management and organization.


What is Photo Management & Photo Organization?

Photo management and photo organization involves the meticulous categorization, editing, digital retouching / restoration, scanning and conversion of both physical and digital photos. Professionals within this industry often have superior knowledge of digital and physical photography. They are able to also create photobooks, albums, presentations, slideshows and more.

Why hire a photo organizer or manager?

Ideally, images or videos should be in a format that is easily enjoyed and accessible. Perhaps this is a photobook, physical albums, accessible via a hard drive, you name it.

Essentially anyone with large quantities of images whether physical or digital that require organization can do so with the help of a professional. Whether its organizing your physical photos and sharing advise on ways for optimal storage, or whether your photos are in a chaotic mess across various devices and hard drives. Your professional can help you organize all of the above in a searchable and accessible way. Here are top 5 reasons why you should have a professional organize and manage your photos.

Top 5 Reasons Why you Should Have a Professional Organize and Manage Your Photos

The ability to access & share your photos and videos whenever you want

Accessing your most precious photos and videos should not be a game of hide and seek! Whether you are reminiscing with your family or socializing with friends about your wedding day, your daughter’s first birthday or finding old memories of your parents, the feeling of finding the exact photo you are looking for is extremely rewarding.

Professional photo managers are able to sort, organize and categorize all your family’s most cherished memories in a way for you to easily reference, pull and reminisce whenever you wish! Long gone are the days where you lost the game of hide and seek!

Preserve Your Family Legacy

Your photo and video collection is a tribute to your life and legacy! While inheriting a volume of photographs from your parents, and then your grandparents can be overwhelming, these pieces of family memorabilia and history can be a great gift to your children, and grandhildren when the time comes!

Reclaim physical space and Gain back some digital space

As mentioned, with so many ways to take photos means also various different spaces where your photos are spared. To prevent your memories from capitalizing your personal space and digital space, a photo organizer can help minimize the footprint by giving you back the corners of your home, or offloading used storage on your phone and or computer.

Having your photos in a single place and transforming them into a categorized collection allows them to be easily accessed and free up space in the physical and digital areas of your life.

Restore Low Quality or Damaged Photos

With life being unpredictable, it's important to safeguard your precious memories. Whether your photos are damaged or the quality of them have deteriorated over time, it is not too late to invest in their digital repair or restoration so that you can continue to cherish them for years to come.

Consider hiring the help of a professional who can help scan, digitize, colour correct, and more to ensure you are able to salvage your photographs

Protect your photos and videos from potential damage

If you are someone who treasures your physical photographs, its important to note that nature can naturally take its course and impact the quality of your photos. Temperature, humidity, sunlight are just some of the many factors that impact your photos and expedite its deterioration. Additionally writing on the backs of photos - the acids from pens can also break down and compromise your image.

For example, you may be surprised to know that Cds & DVDs don’t last. The way your DVDs and CDs were created and stored influences how long they will be readable

With so many different factors that impact your photographs, your professional photo organizer can ensure that your memories can be safely kept for your continued enjoyment for years to come.


Our Photo Management Services

Scanning, Digitization & Organization

Our team are experts at digitizing physical photographs, slides and negatives, as well as videos such as VHS, CD, 8mm, etc. Digitizing your photos and videos is a great way to preserve and protect them, make them easily accessible and shareable, and give yourself peace of mind knowing your memories will be safe forever.

Physical Photo & Video Organization

We use a hands on approach and physically organize your collection of photos, videos, or any memorabilia chronologically. We offer the option to store your memories in archival boxes to ensure they are properly preserved for decades to come. Many often choose to have their collections digitized or transformed into photobooks!

Digital Photo Organization

We've partnered up with SurroundUs Services, a premier photo organization service. Like us, they are certified photo managers, so your digital library will be in safe and capable hands as they gather, consolidate, and safely transfer your data using their state of the art technology. Click below and check out their website for more details!

Why Luminta?


At Luminta we believe t​​here's something so special about looking back at our favorite memories and being able to share them with friends and family. The team at Luminta are experts in photo management, photography, and design who are passionate about making your memories accessible and presentable.

Luminta is proudly female founded by Anne Downey and Denette Geurin.

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